Space & Engineering

Do you love space and have a passion for building?

In Space and Engineering, you will design, build and launch rockets! You will also attempt a safe moon landing with your personal engineered lunar module. Discover space
relationships, like eclipses, through simulations in our dark room.


Campers will spend a morning
exploring the Cincinnati
Observatory. Space and
Engineering will be out of this world!

Imagine building, programming and battling with your own LEGO EV3 Mindstorm Robot!

You will take total control of a robot that can walk, talk, shoot, and spin! Then, it will be time to find out if your robot has what it takes to win in Polaris's Ultimate Robot Challenges! Students will race robots, compete in challenges and then, on the last day, compete against each other to see whose robot can last the longest in a robot demolition derby!

Robo Wars


Ceramic Studio



Clay time!

Join Ceramic Studio for a week long discovery of all things CLAY! Work like a true artist as you create your own unique pottery that will be fired on site. Come prepared to get your hands dirty and your creativity flowing!

Hogwarts School for Muggles! 

You there... Muggle!

The Hogwart's School for Muggle born children is the perfect place to join Professor Frank (who has trained under the likes of Hagrid and Professor McGonagall) this summer. Each day, you will have a new Hogwart's class that will include Potions, Charms, Divination, and Defense Against the Dark Arts! You will learn how to make a spell book, howlers, a Marauder's Map, and even go on a hunt for Horcruxes! Did I mention… play Quidditch?!

Forensic Science

Investigate Crime Scenes and Solve Mysteries!

Unlock your inner sleuth and take a bite out of crime!  Work alongside a Cincinnati Police Crime Scene Investigator to investigate a recently discovered crime scene!  You will learn to use authentic forensic tools and strategies as you analyze fingerprints, blood*, fiber, and hair to solve crime scenarios.


 *Simulated crime scene- best suited for older campers. Please contact us with questions. 

Afternoon MakerSpace Classes


After lunch and the "Meeting of Mad Minds" (Science challenges and demonstrations), campers will spend one afternoon each, in the following sessions:

  • Green Screen Productions:  Lights, Camera, Action!! Campers will use green screens, professional lighting and technology to create a skit of their choosing (comedy, news cast, drama, etc...)

  • Woodshop: Using a variety of tools and techniques, campers will learn by doing at Polaris Woodshop! Campers will marvel as their beginning piece of wood turns into an amazing piece of art- all by their own creative craftsmanship! This year's project will be a wooden candle holder.

  • Art Studio: Campers will discover their creative self as they explore a variety of art stations with Mrs. Bodle in the Polaris Art Studio. 

  • Outdoor Expeditions: Campers will be led on a trail hike and scavenger hunt through Ault Park with our beloved Mr. Bell! Prepare to get wet with a quick stop at the creek!

  • Culinary Creations: Aspiring Chef's will enjoy an afternoon of cooking and could life get any better?? Campers will prepare a delicious main course and sweet treat for dessert!